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Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ A few weeks ago, I bought a pair of controversial heels from Topshop. The ROXANA Feather Back Heels.

I’m no stylist, but I believe that every woman should own a pair of statement heels and these heels certainly are a statement. I have a thing about faux fur and feathers and I’ve also never had a peacock style heel before. Since I am going through this New Year style evolution thing, I thought I should buy them – plus they were a bargain; £20 down from £62.

I bought them online and they came in a couple of days. The Topshop packaging was okay and the heels came in the white distinctive Topshop shoe box.

Is it clichéd to say it was love at first sight? I don’t care. They are beautiful. The splendour of the shoe is impeccable, you could almost mistake the feathers for real peacock feathers. The shoe has a cushion inside along the sole to make it more comfortable when walking.

That being said, they are a statement heel and it takes a huge level of confidence to pull them off. Plus, I don’t have many open toe heels for a reason. After walking around in my house for 15 minutes, my toes were starting to fall out of the front. Not cute. And the straps were kind of tight.

I like presenting some of my new purchases on my Snapchat, @deborahappening. I did a poll on Snapchat asking whether I should keep them or not? Two people replied with no. So, I decided to return them. Still in love with them, I went to Topshop Oxford Circus to return them. (If you follow me on Snapchat and you didn’t participate, shame on you.)

The shop assistant opened the box, “Ooh look at these”, she gushed.

“Do you think I should keep them?” I asked.

“Yeah, they are nice. What would you wear them with?”

“Well I have this suit…”

“Yeah that’s nice.”


I remembered this video by Lauren Messiah, a personal stylist, who talked about insoles to wear inside heels and I asked the sales assistant if Topshop sold them. They did. Dune, a concession in Topshop Oxford Circus sold them. I tried them on with the heels. More sales assistants gasped at the heels. I was obviously making a mistake returning them, so I kept them.

The insoles worked for the heels and offered more cushioned support to the ball of my heels. Much better than gel cushions.  The straps…are still tight, but in my opinion, it’s manageable. As Shirley B Eniang said, “Heels are a commitment. You have to be committed.” Thankfully, the height of the heel is not a problem for me.

My belief about fashion is ‘there is a style for every occasion’. They are not clubbing heels and I don’t think they were made to be. I would wear statement heels on a dinner date, or at a dinner party – somewhere you can sit down and protect the heels. Ruining a pair of good heels in a club, good grief, whatever next?

Let me know your thoughts about statement heels.



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