The Fashion Blogging Course

A few weeks ago, I completed the Fashion Blogging course at the London College of Fashion – some of you may have seen my Instagram post about it.

It was a course that I had been looking forward to since I wrote about it in a previous blog post a few months back. I was looking forward to it because I wanted to improve my skills as a professional blogger and hopefully, learn how to earn a few pennies.

The course was led by Paul McGregor, who began the session by explaining how he found himself in the blogging career. A previous internet shop owner and now Founder and CEO of, an online men’s fashion magazine.

The course covered all the ins and outs of blogging including examples of successful blogs, how to start a blog, WordPress, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, you get the drift. There is a lot to blogging, most of which was covered in the two-day course. I learnt a lot.

From all that I learnt, one thing that developed in me is a new confidence in something that I have grown to love in the last few months and even more now that I have done this course; my blogging ability.

As well as that, I made some life-long friends and colleagues, who are just killing it in the blogging game as well.

One fantastic thing about blogging is that it could be done as a hobby, it could be used to develop your personal brand or product, or it could become your profession. There are so many possibilities. If you fancy learning more about it, then the London College of Fashion will be repeating the course this August.


You can’t say I don’t share good things with y’all 🙂


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