Brooches and Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuff – H&M (check store)

The beautiful thing about jewellery is that it is in essence, trans-seasonal and trans-generational. The jewellery that your grandmother bought fifty years ago in her twenties, could be passed down to her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and still look as classic and as relevant as the moment she originally bought it.


An example of this is the brooch. What I love about this grandma-chic piece of jewellery, is that surprisingly, it contributes to a feminine modern-day look and elevates a plain looking outfit. Or if you are like me, it could be the possible foundation to an outfit.


Jewellery speaks for itself. Along with brooches, ear cuffs (a great alternative to traditional earrings) can speak pride, sexuality and edge. They give a rebellious look, whilst remaining true to the trans-seasonal, trans-generational essence of jewellery.  


Unfortunately, I don’t have brooches or ear cuffs that have been passed down to me, but here are some ear cuffs and brooches on the high street which obviously spoke ‘buy me’ – let me know your favourite. 

Brooch – ASOS

Brooch – H&M (check store)

Brooch – ASOS

Brooch – H&M (Check store) (Similar)

Brooch – H&M

Ear Cuff – New Look

Ear cuff – New Look

Have you got any jewellery pieces that have been passed down to you or are from a bygone era that still look great today?