John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Reviver Mousse



You may have seen on my Instagram post a couple months ago, that Mama got a new do!! I am sporting a Brazilian Body Wave Ombré wig.

This hair has got me feeling myself. It’s gorgeous. After I got the wig made, I felt like I needed to buy new makeup and of course, buy some new clothes. I think a good change in hairstyle can have that effect. It can upgrade you, especially if it is a colour change. One blogger that I love who changes their hair regularly and would probably vouch for this is Victoria from

This is the first time I have had Brazilian body wave ombré hair and it does require a lot more maintenance than my last wig, which happened to be my first. My first wig used a Malaysian, straight hair and the longest bundle was 18 inches whereas this current ombré wig’s longest bundle is 22 inches. It needs more maintenance because post salon, the hair frizzes and poofs up at the roots and the strands of the wavy hair do not seem as thick as they should be.

Because of this I decided to go to Superdrug and buy the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Reviver Mousse, on the recommendation of another woman with a curly wig.

The directions on the bottle instruct you to apply the mousse onto damp hair.  I simply spritz my hair with water before using – spritzing your hair first adds more shine to the finished hair and allows the mousse to last longer in the hair. I split my hair into two left and right sections, and apply the mousse generously on both sections. Afterwards, still working in two sections, I use my hands to scrunch my hair to bring back the curls. Not only does the curls come back but they come back defined. I’m left with a beach wave type of curl and I feel that the hair salon volume is back.

I finish with two of my must have products: Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Olive Moisturising Shine Serum and Pro-Line Oil Sheen spray. The serum works really well with curls- as well adding shine to hair, it works inside the curls and individually shines and defines them. I then use the Pro-Line Oil Sheen spray, which is better than the Pink Oil one, no one could convince me otherwise.

Be sure to let me know how these products work for you if you try them.



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