Lucky No7



One of the reasons I’ve been drawn to the life of a professional blogger is I love writing about new products that I’m using and sharing them with new people. I’m just that type of woman. I really love it; helping people become more satisfied with their purchases. I know what it’s like to find and use crappy products that are not helping anyone, especially, and most importantly yourself. Those pair of shoes you wish you hadn’t bought, those jeans you thought you would lose weight for – yes, we have all been there.

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This November, I will be travelling to Americano. (I’m saying Americano because it conveys my excitement a bit more). This will be the first time I shall be travelling to Americano. I shall be going for Thanksgiving and will be there to celebrate my 26th birthday. I shall be travelling to the mid-West, as Americans say, more accurately, Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota. Continue reading “Americano”