This November, I will be travelling to Americano. (I’m saying Americano because it conveys my excitement a bit more). This will be the first time I shall be travelling to Americano. I shall be going for Thanksgiving and will be there to celebrate my 26th birthday. I shall be travelling to the mid-West, as Americans say, more accurately, Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota.

I shall be visiting my Uncle (my mum’s brother) Gabriel, his wife and my aunt, Biola and their three daughters, the oldest, Ayo, the middle child, Seraphim, and Joba, the baby. I haven’t seen them since they came to visit London, ten years ago. In those ten years, Joba has been born and is now nine, ten in January, so I have never met her. It quite sad that I haven’t met a member of my family, which shows how excited I am to be meeting her and seeing the rest of the family again.

I remember when I last saw them, they stayed with my mum and I in our house. I was a chubby, hormonal fifteen year old and all I wanted was my space. Can anyone relate? They did annoy me. But I did enjoy them some of the time. Seraphim was a two year old, who rarely let anyone, other than her mum, carry her. If she did allow it, it was a beautiful moment to connect with her. I remembered one time I carried her for so long, we ended up sleeping together in the living room. I woke up surprised to see her on top of me.

My uncle and aunt before moving to Minneapolis, lived in London, where Ayo was born. Since moving to America for a couple years, she had developed an American accent. My mum thought this was funny and used to make fun of her. She also made fun of, (shouted at) Seraphim who used to play with her plants. And till this day, no one can touch her plants. Why are women so possessive over their plants?

As my trip to America looms, I am appreciating the wonders of travel and the beauty of family. In two weeks’ time, I will be travelling on a plane which I love to do, and going to a new city which I have been to before and seeing my family who I haven’t seen in so long, who seem pretty excited to see me. My cousin Seraphim is constantly on asking me when I am coming. Family is so precious, which is something that I am learning more every day and something I will be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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