5 things I am looking forward to this spring

20th March 2017 marked the first day of spring in the UK. In this new season, I’m looking forward to a few wonderful things…

1.       Am I the only person who has an obsession with orange lipstick? Orange lipstick has been on my wish-list for a very long time and now that this beautiful season has come, I can finally purchase it. My favourite orange lipstick is Bourjois Color Lip Crayon in ‘Lolli Pop 10’.

 2.       The sun is out, the weather is warmer and a pedicure is needed. It is time to dust off your sandals because the weather has warmed up enough for us to finally show off that pedicure. While you’re at it, why not match the colour on your fingernails; very chic. I’m choosing neutral colours this spring such as Maybelline Forever Strong Gel in ‘135 Nude Rose’, which I love.

 3.       Warm strolls in the park under blossoming trees. I am looking forward to doing this in Hyde Park on a warm Saturday afternoon, while admiring the ducks and swans in the water. Perhaps with a 99 Flake ice-cream – yum!

 4.       This spring I am looking forward to catching up on some reading. My amazon wish-list is piling up. Anybody feel my pain? One book I can’t wait to read is ‘Influencer’ by Joseph Grenny David Maxfield, Ron McMillian, Al Switzler and Kerry Patterson.

 5.       And finally, the clocks go forward by an hour which means longer days with more daylight. Hooray for spring.


What things are you looking forward to this spring?

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